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The Key to safety on the road is CONSISTENCY in Maintenance!

Acts Fleet Maintenance Service offers True Preventative Maintenance for your entire fleet. We service your company cars, vans, trucks, tractor trailers, forklifts and heavy equipment. Our Certified Technicians are devoted to finding issues ahead of time and keeping your fleet safely on the road.

We are proud to say that we are the best Fleet Service in the Southeast. Technique makes the difference! Our service is based on a state-of-the-art Preventative Maintenance System that is both unique and exclusive. Our system schedules your vehicles for maintenance based on mileage and/or the number of weeks the vehicle runs.

Fleet Service

Preventative Maintenance is used to proactively avoid or reduce breakdowns. In order to maximize the life of your vehicles, it is imperative that consistent maintenance be performed on your vehicles.  At ACTS Fleet Maintenance Service, we provide our clients with the most comprehensive Maintenance inspection in the industry. With our detailed checklist your trucks are sure to run smoother and longer. No one does it like Acts!

Our technicians will provide you with a list of recommendations at each visit to give you a snapshot of your vehicle’s condition. We only do repairs that have been authorized by our client first, what’s more, we fix it right the first time.

Our Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • 1 Year parts and labor warranty
  • No work done without prior approval
  • ASE Certified & ASE Master Certified Technicians
  • All safety issues will be brought to your attention
  • Recommendations will be given to you on 1 to 3 levels of severity, so you can make an informed decision at the time of service by phone or by email.
    • Level 1: No service required at current time; document condition(s) to monitor
    • Level 2: Service required: Service Manager must contact client to request approval or to schedule the service for a future appointment.
    • Level 3: Vehicle is unsafe to operate. Client must be made aware of the need and approve or decline repair or service before the vehicle leaves the facility. We do not allow any vehicle to operate in the condition.