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Knoxville’s Authorized Mitsubishi Fuso Dealer

Our all- new Canter® Series commercial trucks redefine everything you want in a business vehicle. They’re designed to deliver lower costs of ownership than competitive trucks.  It even carries up to 2,200 pounds greater payload capacity.  They are all backed up with industry-best warranty that protects not only the engine, but also the entire powertrain, for up to 5 years/175,000 miles.

These trucks will change the way you think about moving your products and business forwardwith cost of ownership so low you can measure it by the mile.

If you drive as few as 20,000 miles annually, a properly driven Canter can increase your bottom line by several thousand dollars in just three to four years. These savings in your operating cost are just the beginning. Imagine how far its dependable performance and lower cost of ownership can take your business.

For more information about Mitsubishi and what they have to offer visit or call us at 866.938.5910 x.1178